We work with communities across Scotland to soar towards better mental health...

By moving psychology out of traditional clinic settings to where people live, work and play we can better support each other.  

Trapeze embraces the challenge that as a society we need to think beyond individual level causes of poor mental health to societal level solutions.  This informs where and how we work with people and allows us to use our psychological resources in meaningful, flexible and collaborative ways. 

The Scottish Government’s ‘Good Mental Health for All’ (2016) emphasises the need for a public mental health approach which focuses on ensuring “equitable mental health for all, contributing to a fairer, healthier society”. However, current demands on statutory services lead to the prioritisation of the needs of only the most severely affected individuals.  Consequently, large sections of the population have their mental health needs unmet unless they can afford to pay for private therapy. 

Our emphasis is on mental health promotion and getting in early.

Trapeze explores alternative, sustainable ways of providing support to this sizeable group (those deemed to have “mild to moderate mental health problems”) to help earlier in the development of problems, in other words;  before problems become severe and entrenched.  Our clinical psychologists and other therapists  work creatively and collaboratively with other charities and community groups to design forward thinking projects which are responsive and accessible and not reliant on the ability of an individual to pay.

We harness the wisdom, resilience and skills that are already present within our communities.

We  use our psychological skills and experience wisely, creatively and collaboratively. We recognise the importance of local and strategic partnerships and the growing evidence of economic and social gains to be had by the collaboration and the pooling of resources. At the heart of what we do is a recognition of the knowledge, skills and experiences of those we work with and a desire to build upon these.

To give you a flavour...


Therapy on the run

Lindsey had already successfully piloted an eight-week therapeutic running group for young women with mood problems.  She put on her running shoes and joined  the group in all weathers  to provide "therapy on the run".

The mental health benefits of being outdoors, physical exercise , and group participation were blended with more traditional therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  

The young women involved reported a reduction in their anxiety, improved mood, self esteem and a sense of greater social connectedness.  They also reported feeling that they had developed useful like skills for managing stress and had made new friends.

Projects in the pipeline……


A collaboration with Journey Associates that opens up a sensitive and perplexing subject in a creative and accessible way. This project connects the personal to the civic, going beyond words and engaging communities in a thoughtful and inclusive process.