To use our psychological skills and experience creatively to help alleviate emotional distress and improve wellbeing within community settings.


We can all get useful psychological help when we need it by people we can relate to in places where we feel at home, comfortable and accepted.


To tell a different story about what it is to have “good” or “bad” mental health; emphasising how social, economic and political factors impact on people’s struggles and agitating for more compassionate and effective responses from society. Trapeze’s approach is grounded in the Power Threat Meaning (PTM) Framework which steps away from a medicalised perspective of “mental illness,” towards thinking about distress and struggle as a normal part of being human. This focuses less on “what is wrong” with a person (or people) and more on what has happened to them, what sense they make of it and what they’ve had to do to survive. It harnesses strengths and resiliences and creates space for new narratives to be woven.

Trapeze provides a platform for partnership working between psychologists and other therapists, community groups and the voluntary and statutory sectors. Through connection, cooperation and compassion we will help more people to to soar towards better mental health; at the same time harnessing the energy and courage to build community safety nets to catch people when they fall. This will involve:

  • Seeking alternative, flexible and sustainable ways within communities to alleviate psychological distress and improve mental health and wellbeing.

  • Collaborating with others to enhance inclusion, build on resilience and strengths and reduce social isolation and marginalisation.

  • Focusing on responsive, proactive and preventative approaches that grapple with the root causes of mental health struggles.

  • Awareness raising about the impact of poverty, powerlessness and social inequality on peoples’ mental health and advocating for more comprehensive, coherent and responsive service design and delivery across sectors.

  • Reaching out to communities across Scotland to build a better future.



We believe that everyone has the right to be noticed, comforted in their distress, to understand and be understood, and to fulfil their potential. Meaningful, effective mental health support needs to be within everyone’s reach.



We seek to strengthen people’s acceptance of, and commitment to, each other and to help develop compassionate communities. We value and respect diversity and are committed to ensuring all voices within a community can access support and find acceptance.



Collaboration is at the centre of everything we do. We want to work in partnerships; respecting the knowledge, skills and experience that others bring and recognising that more can be achieved by knowledge sharing and resource pooling at individual and organisational levels.



We want to improve mental health and well being and we will direct all the valuable time, talent and energy entrusted to us solely for this purpose.



We recognise that mental health support needs to be adaptable and we will strive to provide flexible, creative therapeutic help where it is needed and will have a positive impact. We will evaluate what we do in meaningful ways to ensure the quality of our work and that Trapeze continues to adapt, grow and share.